Day in History: With end of The Great War, Christmas will be merry

December 26, 2018

1993 – 25 years ago

• Fran Bradley, an IBMer and former volunteer for Gov. Al Quie, has announced he will run for Rep. Gil Gutknecht’s state House seat.

• Upon request St. Charles artist Bernadette Mahfood has created “Space Angel.” The piece is one of several thousand original angels contributed by artisans from throughout the country to hang on the White House Christmas tree.

1968 – 50 years ago

• A Ford Motor Co. study depicting the U.S. farm in the year 2000 will be featured at Stewartville’s Agriculture Day at Stewartville High School. Among the more interesting projections is that a tractor will be able to operate without an operator in the cab.

• A snow plow struck a fire hydrant causing a little Old Faithful of a 4-foot high stream of water sending a torrent of cold water down the Seventh Ave. SW sidewalk. Repair crews had to work in temperatures of 7 degrees above zero.

1943 – 75 years ago

• Winding up its 1943 work with a successful flourish, the mobile blood donors unit of the St. Paul Red Cross left Rochester last night with an all-time high of 650 pints obtained in four days.

• St. John’s Catholic Church will hold a midnight mass tonight and Christmas morning masses at 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 a.m.

1918 – 100 years ago

• Christmas in Rochester in 1918 will be different from the Yuletides of other years. To everybody it will be a season of exceptional happiness with the end of the war but to many it will also have sadness. Many families are dealing with loss from influenza or the loss of soldier sons. There will be special services at Rochester churches.

• Approximately 100,000 soldiers and munitions workers will be assisted in learning trades and finding employment during the coming year by the Methodist Episcopal Church.

• Frederick Furlow has returned home from the service. He was the first of the four Furlows to finish service following the end to the fighting.

From news services

Ten years ago: A man dressed in a Santa Claus suit shot his way into the Covina, Calif., home of his former in-laws and set it on fire, killing nine people.

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