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CBN Has Not Scheduled Show Featuring Rock Hudson

September 6, 1985

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) _ The Christian Broadcasting Network has not decided when to show an episode of a new Doris Day series that features AIDS victim Rock Hudson, a spokesman for the cable television system said Friday.

Earl Weirich, a network spokesman, said the first episode of ″Doris Day and Friends,″ a series in which the actress interviews celebrity guests about their pets, will feature band leader Les Brown.

″We are in the process of determining the order of the shows right now,″ he said. ″But at this point, nothing has been said about dropping the show with Rock Hudson.″

The episode in which Miss Day talks to Hudson about his pet dog was taped early in August in Los Angeles, about the time the actor revealed he is undergoing treatment for acquired immune deficiency syndrome, said Helen Spore, a network spokeswoman.

The often fatal disease, which disrupts the body’s natural ability to resist infection, is most prevalent among male homosexuals, hemophiliacs who receive transfusions of tainted blood and drug users who share contaminated hypodermic needles.

The cable network was founded by fundamental Christian evangelist the Rev. M.G. ″Pat″ Robertson, who regards homosexuality as immoral. It reaches an estimated 29 million households nationally, said Miss Spore.

Reruns of old television series considered good family fare and religious programming are staples of the cable network’s programming. Robertson is host of the religiously oriented ″700 Club″ show, which also is seen on UHF stations.

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