Judge approves furlough for woman facing drug offense

April 3, 2019

A Columbus woman who was allegedly dealing drugs out of her home was granted furlough this week from Platte County Jail to enter a narcotics treatment program.

Morgan D. Fajman, 22, was scheduled to be released from incarceration at 10:30 a.m. Monday into the custody of her mother to receive a physical at East Central District Health Department before being transported to Seekers of Serenity Place.

Under the furlough stipulations set forth by Platte County Court Judge Frank Skorupa, should Fajman leave Seekers of Serenity she is required to report immediately back to Platte County Jail, pending the posting of bond, according to court records.

While out of jail, the defendant is prohibited from consuming any alcohol or drugs and will be required to submit a chemical test upon her return to county jail. In addition, she is prohibited from using any communication devices except under the direct supervision of Seekers of Serenity staff, court records show.

Fajman currently faces the felony offense of delivering, dispensing, manufacturing, or being in possession of an exceptionally hazardous drug, a Class II felony. Under state law, the defendant faces a maximum prison sentence of 50 years and a minimum of one. If the felony charge stands, Fajman’s case will ultimately be bound over to Platte County District Court.

Court records show that Fajman was arrested in late February after an investigator with the Nebraska State Patrol obtained a search warrant for a residence located in the 1400 block of 14th Street in Columbus. A warrantless arrest affidavit shows that the investigator received information that the defendant was living at and selling methamphetamine from the location.

After arriving at the location, law enforcement made their presence known with several loud knocks and verbal announcement before access was ultimately gained using a ram, court records show. After gaining entrance, court records show nine people were detained and handcuffed while the search took place.

During the search, court records show that less than 10 grams of methamphetamine were located in a safe in an upstairs bedroom. An investigation determined that the contents of the bedroom belonged to Fajman, and she ultimately gave law enforcement the combination to the safe which allegedly concealed the drugs, according to the affidavit.

Fajman is scheduled to return to court at 9:30 a.m. on April 11 for a status hearing.

In other county court news:

*Christina M Hernandez, 25, of Columbus, is scheduled for a 9:30 a.m. pretrial hearing on May 2. The defendant pleaded not guilty to the lone charge of committing child abuse neglect/no injury, a Class I misdemeanor. Under state law, if found guilty, the defendant faces a maximum sentence of spending up to a year in jail.

*Hunter Thompson, 24, of Columbus, was denied an amended bond during a hearing Monday. He currently is in Platte County Jail on a $10,000 personal recognizance bond. In 2018, the defendant was sentenced to a year of probation after being found guilty of attempt of a Class IV felony, a Class I misdemeanor; and shoplifting in the amount of $0-$500. In February, the state alleged that the defendant violated the terms of his probation and he was subsequently arrested. A violation probation hearing is scheduled to be held on April 11, court records show.

Sam Pimper is the news editor of The Columbus Telegram. Reach him via email at sam.pimper@lee.net.