Why the Gritty meme has such resilience

November 19, 2018

The 1.20.21 Project, a liberal courts reform initiative, tweeted this meme with the caption “this is the future liberals want”.

By Staff

Arianna Conover remembers when Gritty memes “were so pure.”  In the beginning, which was not even two months ago, many of the memes mused about Gritty’s drugs of choice (meth), placed his furry orange head on a Liberty dime or carved it on Mount Rushmore, or set him in the Distracted Boyfriend gag, with Gritty doing the distracting and the Philly Phanatic playing the envious partner.

Conover, a moderator of Gritty Memes for Philly Teens, a Facebook group that counts more than 16,500 members, knows that this earlier, tamer time is long gone.

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