Nebraska/Akron football game payout still up in air

September 5, 2018

The Omaha World Herald reports that Nebraska’s contract to play a college football game with the University of Akron allows the agreement to be voided in the event of “disaster” or even a “tropical storm.”

And while that might take some of the heat off Akron, it also, according to one local attorney, opens the door for NU officials to avoid paying the full $1.17 million that Akron was due. The NU Athletic Department released the game contract yesterday as public discontent over the cancellation of Saturday’s game continued to simmer. It said NU would pay Akron $1.17 million “following the scheduled game.” The full payment would have been due by March 1, 2019, had the game been played, but Nebraska officials have repeatedly said the financial details are “to be determined.” If the contract is voided and no rescheduled game is in sight, Nebraska may not owe Akron the $1.17 million after all.

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