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BC-GA--Georgia Weekend Items,ADVISORY, GA

November 23, 2018


Here’s a list of Georgia stories expected to move so far for this weekend - Nov. 24-25.

Moving Saturday


ATLANTA — From a public hanging on Nashville’s Music Row to the time Jimi Hendrix walked the city’s streets, a band is documenting Nashville’s forgotten history in songs and videos. Granville Automatic, which began in Atlanta and is now based in Nashville, released the album “Radio Hymns” on Friday. The band’s future projects in the works include an album about lost buildings of New York City and another focused on Texas history. By Jeff Martin. UPCOMING: 375 words. AP Photo.


GAINESVILLE, Ga. — Bow hunters are taking aim at the deer living on islands in Lake Lanier. The lake’s annual deer hunt, regulated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, is set for this weekend. Nicholas Baggett, the agency’s natural resource manager on Lake Lanier, says the deer end up on the islands by swimming out to them from the mainland.

Information from The Times of Gainesville. UPCOMING: 350 words.

Moving Sunday


ATLANTA — Some Georgians who deal with chronic pain could legally use cannabis oil but are afraid they could lose their jobs if employers find out. Many residents fear losing jobs or not being able to get one if they fail a drug screening test. At issue is the friction between the state law allowing the use of cannabis oil and other laws that allow employers to fire workers for using the drug because it’s federally illegal.

Information from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. UPCOMING: 400 words.

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Moving Saturday


NEWNAN, Ga. — For most of her life, Pamela Smallwood of Newnan, 56, said she knew her chances were high for developing lung cancer. Her mom died from the disease at age 55; her dad passed away from lung cancer when he 50 years old.

By Melanie Ruberti. The Newnan Times-Herald.

Moving Sunday


BRASELTON, Ga. — Sergio Ramirez walks through the back doors of an old, now-unoccupied primary school, through the cafeteria and to the kitchen, every morning around 4 a.m. He’s there to do what he does best and what he says he fell in love with 30 years ago: Bake. As the master baker at Braselton Fine Bakery, which had its grand opening in October, Ramirez makes sure there’s fresh bread, pastries and cakes every morning.

By Layne Saliba. The Gainesville Times.

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