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‘RoboCop’ Plays Role In Real-Life Bust

September 16, 1987

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) _ A robbery suspect who fled into a theater to escape police became so engrossed in the movie ″RoboCop″ that he failed to notice that police were evacuating all the patrons behind his front-row seat.

Alphonso Hayden Jr., 25, of Sacramento, was taken into custody after police switched on the lights in the Arden Mall theater and got his attention, said police Sgt. Bob Burns.

Police said a man walked into the nearby Sacramento Savings and Loan Association, flashed a note at a teller demanding money, then grabbed the cash and fled into the mall. A anti-theft packet containing red dye exploded, spewing color over the money and the robber, authorities said.

According to police, witnesses said Hayden went to the theater, bought a ticket and went into the men’s room, where he stripped off his shirt and flushed some stained money down the toilet. He then walked down the aisle to the front row.

Police said Hayden stayed seated, his eyes glued to the screen, while they evacuated the 14 other customers.

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