TOKYO (AP) _ A pilot reported an engine fire Tuesday aboard a United Airlines jet at Tokyo's international airport, setting off a hasty evacuation that injured 19 people.

Four passengers of the Hong Kong-bound Boeing B-747 were taken to a hospital with possible broken bones, said Kazuyoshi Sakamaki, an airport spokesman. The other injuries were minor, he said.

Airport officials said people were injured while going down the escape slide. NHK-TV news footage showed passengers in wheelchairs being loaded into airport buses.

The jet carried 374 passengers and 18 crew members. It had pulled away from the gate and was making its way toward the runway when the pilot reported the blaze, bringing the jet to a halt.

Any fire was out by the time fire trucks arrived, officials said.

Japan's Transport Ministry sent a team of aviation experts to investigate, said ministry official Akitatsu Oshio. Local police said they were questioning passengers.