Make way for the future

March 9, 2019

LEAD — While city officials work to figure out what will come of the structure at 602 W. Main St. in Lead, there is another neglected piece of property at 412 Mine St. that has a fate that seems to be sealed.

City Administrator Mike Stahl said at the commission meeting Monday that the owners of the home had offered the property to the city of Lead through a quick claim deed transfer as a way to simply unload the burden of crumbling structure.

“We did learn our lesson at 602 (W. Main St.); we went and made sure there wasn’t a background maneuvering on the taxes on this one,” he said.

Stahl explained that the owners of the property have been staying current with the taxes but do not live in town and have no desire to maintain the property any longer. He said that though the house is still full of furniture and belongings, it does not pose the public safety and health threat that 602 W. Main St. did.

It was decided by the commission to take ownership of the property, raze the house, convert the lot to a buildable vacant lot, and sell the property to recoup the cost.

“This is one of those pieces of property that I believe the city should take control of, clean it up, and then put it back on the market,” Mayor Ron Everett said.

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