22 local organizations receive HFL grants

August 1, 2018

La PORTE — The Healthcare Foundation of La Porte (HFL) will award $918,626 in grant funding to 22 different local organizations who applied during the first grant cycle of 2018.

A total of 28 projects will be funded this cycle, each with the goal of either making an impact in one of HFL’s three strategic focus areas of healthy children, healthy minds, healthy living or of contributing to the overall health and wellness of La Porte.

HFL has set a goal of helping La Porte becoming one of Indiana’s top ten healthiest communities by 2030. They call the initiative Ten 2030 and organizations that receive grants are chosen in line with this vision.

Formed and initially funded in 2016 from the proceeds of the sale of La Porte Hospital, HFL is entirely separate from the current hospital owned by CHS and Indiana University. In 2017, the La Porte Hospital Foundation and HFL blended together and the funds held by the La Porte Hospital Foundation continue to be distributed to the community through HFL.

“Because this was a fundraiser and the hospital was built with a lot of money from the community, we have this need to account back to the community,” said Chief Executive Officer Maria Fruth. “This is the return on their investment. Money that my parents-in-law gave to build this hospital. I owe it to those people to say, look we’re taking good care of your money. It’s a return. It was a great investment.”

Fruth said because HFL was initially funded by the hospital sale and fundraising by the La Porte Hospital Foundation, HFL has a “need to account back to the community.”

“This is the return on their investment. I owe it to those people to say, look, we’re taking good care of your money. It’s a return. It was a great investment,” Fruth said.

Family Advocates Inc. will receive $17,736 to focus on teaching wellness to parents. La Porte Hospital will also receive funding, $67,606 for the Lil Fish Club, and $202,690 toward the La Porte Community School Based Heath Clinic to open at La Porte High School this fall.

Healthy living grants for programs that will help combat the negative effects of unhealthy weight, poor diet, and physical inactivity were awarded to six different organizations. These include $25,000 to Bethany Church for LaPark playground renovation and additions, and $147,472 to New Prairie United School Corp. for the New Prairie Empower Hour.

The City of La Porte Park and Recreation Department will receive funding to begin Phase 1 planning of Soldiers Memorial Park renovation, as well as $115,000 to build an outdoor fitness court that will be located at Kesling Park.

The fitness court is an initiative of the National Fitness Campaign, with this specific fitness court design being constructed in communities all over the U.S. Most recently was the Mishawaka Fitness Court, which opened on June 19, 2008, at the outdoor Riverwalk.

As part of their healthy minds focus, HFL will award Citizens Concerned for the Homeless $24,000. Family Advocates Inc. will receive $19,000 toward decreasing the number of abused and neglected children waiting for a court appointed special advocate.

Other organizations receiving grants this cycle include Arts in the Park, City of La Porte Police Department, MSD of New Durham Township, Stepping Stone Shelter for Women, The Singing Company of La Porte County and the Unity Foundation of La Porte County Inc.

A complete list of the grant receiving organizations and description of the programs the grants will be used for can be found on HFL’s website, www.hflaporte.org.

This is the second round of grants from the newly established foundation. HFL previously funded 61 grant projects from 44 local organizations totaling $2,463,107 in November of 2017. These programs are currently ongoing and will report back to HFL in November, after a full year of implementation.

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