Vote For Medicare For All

September 24, 2018

Editor: Like my grandparents before me I’m slowly becoming one of the seniors who can’t afford to see the doctor, go to physical therapy, buy new eyeglasses or hearing aids, have dentistry done or fill prescriptions and I expect to be bankrupted by medical bills in my future. People are waiting when their ailments are minor to when they’re catastrophic and require a higher level of care or hospitalization. Dying because they cut their pills into pieces, used half a dose of an injection to make it last longer or stopped taking their medications because of the cost. All of these above services will be included in Medicare for All — universal healthcare -- which 70 percent of American citizens want, according to polls. Medicare for all will cost less per person than we, as a country, are paying now. Cost objections to single-payer plans are inaccurate and false. The proof is in the reporting by the Mercatus Center, the Business Insider and other national magazines. These sources all agree that Medicare for all would cover every citizen and still save the U.S. Government over $32.5 trillion over a 10-year period and lower the cost of healthcare significantly without affecting high quality care. I welcome this change and will gladly pay the cost of my current $30/month ($360/year) health insurance policy in taxes. If the 2017 Medicare for All bill is passed by the House and Senate there will be no more medical insurance deductibles to meet or co-pays for us to pay. Don’t let fear-mongers scare you about Medicare for all. Research the subject, become informed, learn the truth and vote in November. Vote for what you believe in and for the future of the United States of America. Don’t let your seniors waste away silently. Elle Bechter LACEYVILLE

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