COLOGNE, Germany (AP) _ Leftists clashed with rightists Saturday in the western German city of Cologne at a protest of an exhibit on Hitler's army that depicts Nazi troops committing atrocities during World War II. Police said 26 were arrested.

About 400 leftists gathered near the city's cathedral to counter a protest against the exhibit by supporters of the radical rightist National Party of Germany, which had obtained court approval to demonstrate.

Police originally kept the two groups separated, but as the group of 200 rightists started marching, scores of leftists broke free, throwing bottles, rocks, eggs and tomatoes, police said. Several people received minor injuries.

Some demonstrators also smashed windows on cars and shops in the area, police said.

The exhibit, which has traveled throughout the country, has drawn protests since it opened in Munich in March 1997.

In February, more than 100 leftists were arrested in clashes with rightists when the exhibit on the World War II-era German army, known as the Wehrmacht, was displayed in the southwestern city of Saarbruecken.

With photographs and documents, the exhibit shows that German soldiers killed Jews and other civilians during the war. Many older Germans view the Wehrmacht as an honorable force that fought for the country.