Shooting suspect arrested following traffic pursuit east of Roseburg

August 21, 2018
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Police officers detain a male suspect at gunpoint in the parking lot of Abby's Pizza after a short chase Monday night. The man is being held in connection with a reported shooting of a female on Southeast Downey Avenue.

Police arrested a male suspect at gunpoint following a short chase that began at about milepost 5 on Highway 138 East Monday.

Roseburg Police Capt. Jeremy Sanders said he couldn’t release much information yet, but a female was wounded in the shooting which occurred around 7:15 p.m. on Southeast Downey Avenue. Sanders did not characterize the extent of her injuries.

According to scanner reports, the suspect was originally in a large white truck, but switched to a white Crown Victoria, in which he headed west on Highway 138 East toward Roseburg.

Police deployed traffic spikes near Rifle Range Road, but the suspect swerved into the middle lane briefly. A few seconds lane he pulled into Abby’s restaurant parking lot from the back entrance, where he was arrested.

Another adult male passenger in the car was detained. It was not clear if he was connected with the case.

“I saw the driver get out. Police had their guns drawn, tasers drawn and lifted up his shirt,” said Abby’s Assistant Manager Jenny Cook. She said she wasn’t alarmed because she’s “used to guns.”

She said police called telling her to lock the doors, and then called back when it was safe to open them again.

“It wasn’t tense in here. We were just curious,” said another witness who declined to be named.

Jarred Eakin was in the backyard shooting a bow and arrow on Southeast Walden Avenue when he heard gunshots on Monday night, on Southeast Downey Avenue, across Ramp Avenue near Eastwood School.

“When I ran in, the lady was lying on her side, and I screamed if anyone else was in the house,” Eakin said. “She was screaming she had a newborn and kept screaming the guy’s name.”

Eakin told a younger woman who came out, to grab the newborn and leave, while he focused on stopping as much blood as he could.

“I’m shaken by the blood and everything,” Eakin said.

Eakin said he found the woman in the middle of the room with the police on speaker phone. She didn’t want Eakin to move her or touch her, but he said his first aid training kicked in, and he did what he could with the T-shirt he was wearing, to stop the bleeding.

“By the time we heard the gunshots and came out the side gate, the pickup truck was tearing off,” Eakin said.

Another neighbor, Brandon Willis, said he was right there when the shooting happened and heard it all.

“The guy pulled up and I kind of turned my back, and all of a sudden heard gunshots and I ran,” Willis said. “I was not going to stay there in that situation with gunfire and bullets flinging, so I took off, I was scared for my life for sure.”

Carisa Cegavske contributed to this story

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