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Child Killed, 8 Injured in Attack on School

March 13, 1987

WINDHOEK, South West Africa (AP) _ Guerrillas armed with missiles, grenades and guns, attacked a village near the Angolan border, killing one girl and injuring eight other children who were asleep in a school, the military said today.

Maj. Fanie Krige of the South West African Territorial Force said he did not know why the children were sleeping in the classroom when the village of Onhangwena was attacked at 3:10 a.m. Thursday.

He said village police and the military began hunting for the attackers at daybreak and killed three of them in a follow-up operation.

The village is about 4.5 miles from the border with Angola, where South West African Peoples Organization guerrillas have their bases. The guerrillas have been fighting a bush war for more than 20 years against South African forces, who oversee the territorial force.

South Africa administers the territory, also called Namibia, under a post World War I League of Nations mandate that has been repudiated by the United Nations.

Krige said the guerrilas abandoned two Soviet-made surface-to-air missiles when they fled the village.

″We found that very interesting. It is the first time this year they have been found (in South West Africa,″ Krige said. ″There is no airfield or any other likely target (for the missiles) nearby.″

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