Twin girls get twin four-wheelers

December 27, 2018

Two young Riddle girls were beaming Saturday, when a trip to Roseburg to fix their family’s old broken down four-wheeler, took a different turn.

Six-year-old twins Zoie and Avia Davis thought their parents were taking them to the Performance Motorsports shop on northeast Diamond Lake Boulevard in Roseburg, for repairs to their old ATV that had been broken down for a while.

The girls found out that both were getting a brand new pink four-wheelers, thanks to shop owner George Bogan and bikers from the South Douglas County Toy Run on Sunday who collect toys for needy kids in south county.

The twins were presented with two pink ATV four-wheelers at the shop Saturday, by organizers of the toy run.

Keith Burton, whose family has helped with the toy run since it started, went to businesses to get contributions for the toy drive, and he got some special items for a drawing for the motorcycle riders. But they decided to give them to needy kids.

At Performance Motor Sports, Bogan offered a new four-wheeler, so Burton started the search for a family that was deserving.

“I told him (Bogan) I was looking for an underprivileged kid to get this four-wheeler, so we got these two little twin girls to give it to,” Burton said.

Burton said the family had a four-wheeler that had broken down and they couldn’t get it fixed, but with twins, the organizers decided they couldn’t just give one, so they started raising money and got enough for a second ATV. So both girls got one.

“The little girls didn’t know about them, and parents didn’t even know about the second one,” Burton said.

The first one was brought out and the girls were thrilled, but when they found out there was a second one, the excitement reached a whole new level.

“We knew they had picked us for it, but we had no idea there was going to be two, and it was just amazing to see everybody come together for us like this,” said the twins’ mother, Jenell Davis. “They’ll get a lot of use out of these, it’s exciting.”

’We were just amazed and surprised,” said father, Jeff Davis.

David Vargas of Roseburg, who has ridden his Harley-Davidson motorcycle in the South County Toy Run since it began 20 years ago, said it’s all worth it.

“It makes me feel real good to see the faces of the kids especially the one’s that don’t have anything,” Vargas said.

The girls said they will have plenty of room to ride the four-wheelers around their rural home in Riddle.

“I like it, it’ll be fun,” Avia said. “But I won’t drive it home today.”

If the ATVs weren’t enough, the bikers picked out some helmets for the girls and some toys from last weekend’s toy-drive for Christmas presents, including a couple of big Teddy bears that can accompany the girls on the ATVs.

“I like how we play and that we have fun,” Zoie said.

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