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On the Light Side

April 24, 1987

JAMESTOWN, N.D. (AP) _ The mayor, a self-proclaimed ″foodaholic,″ is swallowing his pride and enduring some ribbing from his constituents as he tries to lose weight.

Mayor James Lusk is promoting National Hospital Week, May 10-16, by undergoing a four-week fitness program at Jamestown Hospital.

″I’m the hospital’s guinea pig,″ Lusk said. ″I don’t get as much exercise as I need to because I don’t take the time. I’m just too busy.″

He refused to give his present weight, saying only that he is a ″large man.″

To publicize the mayor’s drive toward better health, T-shirts are being sold with a caricature of Lusk surrounded by the words, ″Please Don’t Feed the Mayor.″

Local jokers are eating it up. At one recent event, coffee and pastries were set out on a table. Above one doughnut was written the word ″Mayor″ with an ″X″ through it.

″At least they’re becoming aware that we do need some physical fitness,″ said the mayor.


ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn. (AP) - Mark Tucker set out to build a small tree house for the kids in his backyard, but six tons of lumber later, he has branched out to create a five-level office and playhouse.

When he’s finished, in about three months, the insurance agent-carpenter figures he’ll have spent about $6,500 on lumber and equipment. The enclosed level housing the office will have electricity, two telephone lines, air conditioning, a refrigerator, a freezer, a microwave oven, a television and a rolltop desk.

There also is a sliding ceiling and 11 windows, including two skylights.

″It’s really quite quiet. It’s better insulated than my house so it’s quieter,″ even when the children are playing on the other levels, said Tucker, 37, who began building the tree house more than a year ago.

City Manager Jim Brimeyer of St. Louis Park said the city had not planned to get involved in Tucker’s project, but publicity about it has forced officials to make sure it meets the city’s building code.

″He’s almost forced us to look into it. We’ll have to get some legal advice,″ Brimeyer said.

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