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MINEOLA, N.Y. (AP) _ A store owner was charged with aggravated harassment for sending in his utility bill along with reams of newspaper clippings scrawled with the message ``Stop wasting our money!''

Kip Kohn, 44, pleaded innocent Thursday. The charges carry up to a year in prison.

The company that handles bills for the Long Island Power Authority received the bulky package earlier this month and evacuated its mailroom. A bomb squad and hazardous-materials crew were called in to inspect the parcel.

Kohn, 44, had written ``LIPA sucks!'' on the envelope. Inside, along with a check, were LIPA newspaper ads scribbled with messages.

Kohn said he was angry about his monthly electric bills but meant no harm. ``I might get a little loud; I might get a little heated,'' he said. ``I'm very opinionated on a lot of things. But I never threatened anyone.''

LIPA chairman Richard Kessel said Kohn has a right to complain and should not be prosecuted.