GASTONIA, N.C. (AP) — Gabrielle Bristol is not afraid of adding a little bit of color to her everyday makeup routine.

The Gastonia woman enjoys experimenting with different color lipsticks. From deep blues to an army color green, she does not shy away from wearing a bold lip color.

"I noticed a lot of women stick to their pinks and browns and that's nice but there's also a lot of other colors you can experiment with as well," Bristol said. "I like for my lip color to match my mood. If I'm feeling spicy that day I might wear red or if I'm feeling neutral I'll wear a pink."

The search for the perfect black lipstick three years ago inspired the mother of two to start her own lipstick line.

"I couldn't find the color anywhere and ended up finding a tutorial on how to make your own lipstick from crayons," she said. "I really enjoyed the process of making lipstick and started researching ways I could make my own."

After about a year of experimenting with mixing different pigments, Bristol finally found a formula that was both healthy and long lasting. She named her vegan organic homemade cosmetic line Bemoxie Cosmetics

"Moxie means attitude," said Bristol. "I added the 'be' in front of moxie because I wanted women to embrace who they are and be empowered."

Her cosmetic line consists of glitter lip gloss, colorful matte lipsticks and liquids that last for hours. She also has an eyeshadow palette that offers colorful options with or without glitter.

"It was fun coming up with the different names for my lipstick colors," she said. "I have a color called 97 Chevy and when you think of an old school Chevy you just think of something bright and red."

Bristol currently works in the medical field and will be attending cosmetology school full time to learn more about makeup. She recently started selling her cosmetic line inside of Gia Bella Moda which is located in Eastridge Mall.

Bristol said she has a lot on her plate between motherhood, working and school.

"The goal is to one day be able to do this full time and have my own salon where I do makeup and possibly hair," she said. "I just try to stay focused and work hard. I just have to keep grinding to reach my goal."


Information from: The Gaston Gazette,