Let Jefferson’s words settle dispute

December 17, 2018

President Jefferson can settle the banner dispute. (“Atheist banner sparks intense discussion,” Jacqueline Smith, Dec. 9.)

Atheists have “come out of the closet.” A few decades ago they wouldn’t have dared insisting on displaying their “Happy Holidays from atheists” banner in a public place.

One has to have courage to be an atheist in a dominant Christian nation.

Morally, they probably are as good as, if not better, than many Christians — it’s hard to imagine an atheist shooting up a church or abortion clinic.

Atheists and theists do have something in common — they both can’t prove there is or isn’t a God.

I became a Catholic when I was 2-weeks-old. As a senior, I now consider myself an agnostic Catholic. I pray Jesus comes back to earth. With the threat of nuclear bombs and global warming — we need him more than ever. And with the internet and television he can reach the entire world in every language in addition to only Hebrew or Aramaic.

We can end the dispute of hanging banners or Christmas displays on public property if we follow Jefferson’s interpretation of the First Amendment, and his principle of “separation of church and state” by not have any religious displays on public property.

As he believed — religion is a matter between Man and his God.

Paul Adinolfi

Sandy Hook

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