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Prisoners’ Dentist is a Biker, Ex-Undercover Drug Agent

January 7, 1992

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) _ The dentist in Orlando’s jail rides a motorcycle and wears a beard, ponytail, leather jacket and a necklace made from the teeth he has pulled from his patients.

He used to be an undercover drug police officer, who occasionally would arrest a suspect one day and pull his teeth the next.

His real name is Art Wimer. Inmates call him Dr. Pain.

Wimer quit a busy dental practice in Panama City more than a decade ago and moved to Orlando because he ″couldn’t handle the small-town thing... I have a hard time in the suit world.″

He always wanted to be a police officer, so in 1983, at age 33, he took a 50 percent pay cut and became a sheriff’s deputy.

He still had his dentist’s license, and after learning the jail was sending a few prisoners a week to a private dentist, he offered to do the work part- time for an extra fee.

By 1986, he had so much business that he gave up his drug agent’s role and became the Orange County jail’s full-time dentist.

Wimer told The Orlando Sentinel in an interview published Monday that he was a successful drug agent because being a biker helped him speak the language of the street.

″I didn’t come across as a cop,″ he said.

By most accounts, he’s a successful dentist as well. One woman refused his services after learning the jail dentist was the guy who arrested her, but most inmates praise him.

″He gets the job done. He’s helped me out plenty of times,″ said inmate David Butler, 26.

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