Sheriff sheds light on drug task force

May 7, 2019

JUNEAU -- The Dodge County Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force is undergoing some changes including increased staffing, said Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt.

Schmidt, who spoke Friday at Dodge County’s Judicial and Public Protection Committee meeting, said two of his department’s staff are currently assigned to the task force. He said there is a temporary agreement with his agency, Horicon, Juneau and Waupun to assist the deputies on the task force.

Schmidt said the Horicon police chief is working on a more formal document.

“As soon as we are done with the agreement, we will get everyone signed on,” Schmidt said. “We are moving forward and looking to improve. We want to make it more efficient as we move forward.

“We would love to have 5-6-7 people on this unit, but we need to do the best we can with what we have,” he said.

When Schmidt was asked if the Beaver Dam Police Department would join the task force, he said, “The Beaver Dam police chief has agreed to the language of the contract. We just have to get it in black and white, but I fully anticipate Beaver Dam is going to sign on.”

Beaver Dam Police Chief John Kreuziger said Friday afternoon that his department may join the Dodge County Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force.

“We are in negotiations right now, but I am optimistic we can be a part of it,” he said. “If we join the drug task force, we are not going to take resources away from battling drugs in our own community. We take a very tough stance on illicit drug use here.”

Schmidt said there has never been anybody from a Dodge County police department permanently assigned to the drug task force.

“The vast majority of agencies in Dodge County have five officers or less and many of those are not going to sign on,” Schmidt said “We never ever had anybody that was permanently assigned in a part-time or full-time status.”

Schmidt said officers from the Dodge County police departments help in a liaison fashion and assist where they are needed.

Dodge County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Scott Mittelstadt said there is not one area of the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office that can be looked at as a separate entity like the drug task force.

“You have to look at it in a context with everything else that is going on,” Mittlestadt said. “One of the main focuses is putting our effort into those areas where we can have the best impact. When you’re looking at an investigative unit such as the drug task force we focus our efforts on where the intelligence is telling us where the most activity is. It’s more than the drug task force or the detective division, but the entire organization including the patrol division.”