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Bell ringer searching for songs Anne Frank heard

March 28, 1997

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) _ Amsterdam’s official bell ringer is searching for songs that rang out from the city’s Westerkerk church while Anne Frank was hiding from the Nazis during World War II.

Bell ringer Boudewijn Zwart plans to ring an ``Ode to Anne Frank″ this summer and has appealed to the public to help him find the tunes played during the war, the Anne Frank House museum said Friday.

``We couldn’t help him,″ museum spokeswoman Ita Amahorseija said. ``From our sources we could not find out which melodies would have been played in that time.″

The teen-ager, whose diary became a worldwide symbol of hope in the face of oppression, wrote about hearing the Westerkerk’s bells from her hiding place in a canal house just around the corner from the church.

Anne hid with her family for more than two years before being betrayed and deported to Belsen-Bergen camp where she died at age 15. Her father later found her diary and published it in 1947.

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