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Bills Would Extend Radio Liberty to Soviet Jews

January 4, 1985

WASHINGTON (AP) _ A bill introduced in the House and Senate on Thursday would expand Radio Liberty’s international broadcasts to include Jews living in the Soviet Union.

The bill, which would set up the ″Radio Maccabee Program of Radio Liberty,″ would authorize spending up to $3 million a year for airing Russian-language programs about the Jewish heritage, culture and education for six hours daily.

The bill’s sponsors are Sen. Paula Hawkins, R-Fla., a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, and Rep. Matthew J. Rinaldo, R-N.J.

″The Soviet govenment realizes one important fact - what these groups need to survive is information, information flowing in from the West, flowing out with news of their plight,″ Mrs. Hawkins told a news conference.

″We are here today to keep the lines of communication open with the Jews of the Soviet Union.″

Rinaldo, a seven-term House member, said the bill is meant to supplement existing Radio Liberty programs.

″While Jews do receive some Jewish cultural information over Radio Liberty, it is inadequate to meet the needs of a population that is facing increased pressures from its government,″ Rinaldo said.

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