BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder thinks Wladimir Klitschko is "losing the juice," but he's still awaiting a chance to prove it.

That was Wilder's assessment after attending Klitschko's lopsided victory over Bryant Jennings on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden.

"It gave me a great look," he said Sunday. "That's what I was there for. I was really doing more of a scouting report, and I got what I was looking for. Klitschko, he's losing the juice, I would say.

"I'm proud of Bryant Jennings. He did a great job. He put up a great fight. He gave all he could give and that was that, but now the world is looking for Klitschko and Wilder. I want it to be the biggest and best fight in boxing history."

The undefeated Wilder, who is 33-0 with 32 knockouts, isn't expecting that to happen until 2016. Wilder said he and Klitschko have sparred for 50-plus rounds.

The Tuscaloosa native attended the Indy Grand Prix of Alabama on Sunday. He was supposed to serve as grand marshal but mechanical problems with the plane meant he didn't arrive at Barber Motorsports Park in time.

Wilder was cleared to resume training on April 20 after breaking his right hand in winning the WBC title with a decision over Bermane Stiverne on Jan. 17. That made him the first American to win a piece of the heavyweight title since Shannon Briggs in 2006.

He's expecting to fight again in June but he's not sure of the location or opponent.

In the meantime, Wilder is set to attend the latest "biggest and best fight in boxing history" with Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather Saturday night in Las Vegas.

The cheapest ticket on the StubHub website Sunday was $5,245, while ringside seats were being offered for as much as $106,950.

"The prices of those tickets, man, Lord," Wilder said. "It is only right for the heavyweight champion of the world (to be there), but thank God I don't have to pay for the tickets."

He thinks Mayweather will likely win, "but I think if it becomes a very close fight, I think it's going to go to Manny."

"They're making so much money that I feel a rematch would be even a bigger payday for those guys, but if I had to pick, I'm going with Floyd on this one," Wilder said. "He's got so much to lose, though. Manny doesn't have anything to lose. He's been down, he came back up, now he's regaining himself.

"Now, he's getting the fight that I guess they've both always wanted. I'm just happy that it's been made so we can see who's really the best."