Moron of the Morning: Thieves Look Like Milli Vanilli

October 11, 2018

Two Ohio men suspected of several thefts from locker rooms from fitness clubs have somehow eluded capture, despite their distinct appearance.

The two men each have long hair in a style that might seem similar to fans of 1980s top 40 music. “The running joke is Milli Vanilli,” police Det. Bruce Beard tells 10tv.com. “And maybe they do look like Milli Vanilli.” Milli Vanilli was a duo from Germany that racked up several hits in the late 1980s and won a Grammy for best new artist before it was revealed the two singers, Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus, had not sung the songs and were lip-synching at concerts.

Police say the two suspects are targeting LA Fitness clubs in the Columbus area. According to 10tv.com, the men use fake IDs to obtain a temporary membership, then are using bolt cutters to get into lockers and steal credit cards and cash. “They go in, they’re only in the locker room for a very short time, and they’re right back out and gone. So, they’ve definitely done this before,” Bruce says.

Police posted pictures of the suspects on Facebook with the hashtag #babydontforgetmynumber6146452091 ... combining one of the group’s hits with the contact number for detectives. The pictures, surprisingly, have led to no tips on the identities of the men, police say, although commenters on Facebook are having fun:

“The interview will be be pointless, they’ll just move their lips and not say a word,” one person says. “Even if you catch them they will blame it on the rain ... Yeah, yeah,” says another. And the person below makes an interesting point: “Guys ... definitely more of a Migos look. Y’all are showing your age.”-Cleveland.com https://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2018/10/ohio_theft_suspects_give_polic.html

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