New design coming to downtown Beaver Dam water tower

November 7, 2018

The Beaver Dam water tower is due for a new look.

The Common Council Operations Committee approved a concept design to paint the city’s new logo on the water tower downtown. The concept calls for a splash of water to wrap around the entire tower with a piece visible from every angle in the downtown area, whether of the kayaker under a sun or the city motto. The blue water would go all the way down the standpipe.

Currently, the water is painted white with the city’s name in blue cursive. It was last painted a little more than a decade ago and is on schedule for a repaint.

An informal art committee, which has been discussing different artistic projects for downtown, worked on the design.

The whole project would cost in the $700,000 range, which the utilities department will likely borrow for, and will include other work to improve safety and maintenance for the tower, not just a simple paint recoat.

In approving the design plan, the city will be committing to its new logo for decades to come. In August, the Common Council approv ed a resolution to use the new logo and branding plan — “life here is good” — which have been popping up in emails, official documents and papers. The water tower will be the most visible yet.

“I didn’t go along with logo design at first, but it’s wearing on me,” said committee member Mick Fischer.

Beaver Dam Utilities Director Rob Minnema said there is a social media contest that the city could enter for best water tower when the project is complete.

In rebranding, the city hopes to reach out to young couples and families, recent and soon-to-be college graduates, business owners, real estate developers and retirees.

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