LETTER: ‘Unworthy of the power they seek’

October 10, 2018

America just witnessed a great man, tops in his class, a lifetime of public service, never a hint of corruption or lawlessness, smeared and falsely accused of horrific crimes by one party for purely political purposes.

As Americans, our innocence is presumed, our guilt must be proven. One party in their quest for raw power, that they have rightly lost, tried to destroy an honorable judge in spite of six FBI background checks because they disagree with him. This is tyranny, this is how democracy dies. We have a representative republic, given us by our founders with the admonition, if you can keep it.

Do not give this party power ever, do not make this behavior the norm. This is how democracy dies and the republic becomes rule by a violent, abusive, loud mob that would stop at nothing to rule over you and your children.

The party that did this to this judge must be defeated, they have shown themselves unworthy of the power they seek. - Roger Pinkley, Sergeant Bluff, Iowa

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