Orchids and Onions: Monday, September 17, 2018

September 18, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to our gas prices. $3.03; the average is $2.88. It went up 10 cents overnight. I guess we anticipate hurricane damage overnight. Just not right.

Onions to politicians who have signs up after the election. It’s easy to figure out who you are. Maybe they should be banned. Oops, sorry you’re the people who make the rules. Code enforcement?

Orchids to Burgers by the Bridge. Your support for first responders during their search was a great thing to do. We need more like you. Thank you.

Orchids to new security guards at LHHS. Very professional and doing a wonderful job. Keep up the great work!

Orchids to Rebecca and Adele at London Bridge Resort for donating a week’s stay anywhere to Pregnancy Cares then working with us fror a Jamaica getaway in December. You rock! Dennis and Shirley

Orchids to ASU and Melanie Preston for awesome Zumba classes on Mondays. -- a great way to burn calories while toning your body with family and friends.

Onions to the teacher who has been gone three weeks and hasn’t input grades. The sub told my child not to worry about her failing grade. I’m worried. My child has a learning disorder and doesn’t understand this. Nor do I!

Orchids to our customers. It’s been our pleasure to serve you. We truly appreciate and value your business. Thanks for another successful year. Pets in Paradise Resort, Ron and Patty

Orchids to Dustin of Morgan Electric for his thorough service installing my four outside lights and interior ceiling fans. Above and beyond excellent service. Bravo!

Orchids to the couples next to us at Angelina’s Italian Restaurant. Unbeknownst to us they paid for our dinner and one dessert. Thank you; what a blessing. Still good people out there.

Orchids to Dr. Tomas for beautiful work on my front tooth. I’m so very pleased. Also to his staff, chair side assistant, Trish and Sabrina. Thank you so much. RU

Onions to the business. It was an affordable and decent place to stay, but it’s no longer the case. Bed bug infestation in at least three rooms. Neglected to warn other guests so they could take necessary precautions to avoid spreading them.

Orchids to New Yorkers of Havasu and Friends Club who did a great job at the windows of our local library about New York State and of the 9/11 terrorist attack. We shall never forget.

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