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Trump Threatens to Withhold Alimony Payment from Ivana

April 23, 1992

NEW YORK (AP) _ Donald Trump’s legal wrangling with ex-wife Ivana persisted Thursday at a court hearing where the real estate developer’s lawyer said Trump may withhold this year’s $350,000 alimony payment.

Mrs. Trump violated an agreement to keep quiet about Trump and their marriage when she told Barbara Walters on television she had gotten her husband’s ″last $10 million,″ said Judd Burstein, a Trump lawyer.

″He does not now have to make the payment,″ Burstein said.

The alimony payment is due in August.

″The contract has been totally violated and I don’t have to pay,″ Trump said by telephone. ″But I haven’t given it much thought. I have always paid child support - $300,000 - and I will continue to pay child support.″

A message left on the answering machine at Mrs. Trump’s New York office wasn’t immediately returned.

Last week, the state Supreme Court’s Appellate Division reversed a lower court justice, Phyllis Gangel-Jacob, who removed a gag clause from the Trumps’ divorce decree.

Mrs. Trump had agreed to the clause in exchange for a settlement worth nearly $25 million, including a $10 million check from Trump, whose financial fortune has fallen far since his mid-1980s heyday.

The lawyers were in court to hear Mrs. Trump’s attorney, Robert Stephan Cohen, ask Gangel-Jacob to delay the Appellate Division order to put the gag clause back in the divorce judgment.

Burstein argued that since Mrs. Trump can seek to have her ex-husband held in contempt if he doesn’t make his alimony payment, he should be allowed to try to have her found in contempt for violating the gag order. The judge said she’ll decide that issue next week.

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