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Clinton: Gore Sympathetic to Gays

November 2, 2000

WASHINGTON (AP) _ President Clinton asked a gathering of gay and lesbian leaders Wednesday night to remember on Election Day that his administration was their friend, and that Al Gore agreed fully with his policies.

``The vice president supported everything I did for this community,″ Clinton told about 50 gay and lesbian leaders. ``I hope, for what it’s worth, 100 percent of your community will know that on Election Day.″

Speaking at a fund-raiser organized by the Democratic National Committee and the Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council, Clinton said a Gore administration would be much better for homosexuals than one headed by Texas Gov. George W. Bush, the Republican presidential nominee.

Clinton said another reason for supporting Gore is the current economic prosperity, which he described as a cause for celebration that should carry over into politics.

``A lot of the venom has gone out of the American political scene,″ he commented. ``Someone said that’s because I absorbed a lot of it.″

About 50 gay and lesbian leaders were at the $10,000-minimum fund-raiser, which administration spokesmen said took in more than $1 million for the DNC.

Clinton later was attending a fund-raiser for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in the Virginia suburbs. That event, at a high-tech venture capital company, was expected to raise $425,000.

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