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How He Feels About a Handful of Issues With PM-Clinton-Gore, Bjt

July 10, 1992

NEW YORK (AP) _ Here are Sen. Albert Gore’s positions on selected issues:

-Environment: Believes United States should lead world efforts to slow global warming and protect the ozone layer; supports a national policy to encourage energy independence and reduce reliance on fossil fuels; opposes administration efforts to weaken Clean Air Act regulations; would have signed international biodiversity treaty at Earth Summit.

-Taxes: Introduced a bill to cut middle-class taxes and raise rates for the wealthy. Would expand the earned income tax credit.

-Persian Gulf War: Supported, but highly critical of Bush administration policy toward Iraq before and after war.

-Abortion: Supports abortion rights.

-Gun control: Supports ban on semiautomatics.

-Defense: Opposed deployment of first SDI missile system last year.

-Mexican Trade Treaty: Supports, on condition the final pact does not ″undermine the living standards of American workers″ or ″create an environmental Hell’s Kitchen in Mexico.″

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