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Killer’s Wife Charged With Perjury

January 6, 1998

MONTROSE, Pa. (AP) _ Patricia Dillon-Scher swore to prosecutors that she and her husband were not having an affair 21 years ago when her first husband was shot to death.

Stephen Scher, testifying at his murder trial last year, said they were lovers.

Monday, prosecutors said Mrs. Dillon-Scher lied in her 1995 deposition and charged her with perjury, obstruction of governmental administration and false swearing.

Scher, a 56-year-old allergist, was convicted of murder in the 1976 death of Martin Dillon and is serving a life sentence. He is appealing the conviction.

Dillon, 30, died of a gunshot wound to the chest as he and Scher were trap shooting at the Dillon family hunting camp in the mountains. Scher had long insisted Dillon tripped and fell as he was chasing a porcupine, discharging the rifle.

But Scher changed his story during the trial, telling jurors Dillon attacked him during an argument about the affair. He said the gun went off as they fought over it.

Dillon’s death had been declared an accident, but his parents fought to have his body exhumed. In trying to stop that move, Mrs. Dillon-Scher gave a deposition denying the affair.

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