Substation construction at Pole Line and Eldredge roads could result in intermittent street closures

March 26, 2019

POCATELLO — Drivers in Pocatello might experience some lane closures along Pole Line Road and Cedar Street as Idaho Power works to improve service in the area.

Idaho Power is building a new substation on the northwest corner of Pole Line and Eldredge roads, as well as a new transmission line to the substation. The line will run from Garrett Way (Hwy. 30) along the north side of Cedar Street and then head north to the substation on the east side of Pole Line Road.

Lower voltage distribution lines also are being built north of the substation on the east side of Pole Line between Eldredge and Quinn roads.

This work is resulting in the intermittent closures of some roads. In most cases, the closures last no more than three days at a time.

Drivers should use caution and keep an eye out for signs indicating closures.

Idaho Power expects to complete the project in mid-May. Construction began in November.