A shoutout for neighbors helping

January 27, 2019

On Jan. 5, I found myself with a flat tire in the Walmart parking lot on Cerrillos Road. I called for roadside assistance and was told it would be three hours for the 24-hour towing company, or anyone else, to reach me. What choice did I have, except to wait? At 56 years of age, I can do a lot for myself, but changing a tire is not one of them.

Along came gentleman citizen No. 1: Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza. He was able to get out the spare and get the lug nuts off, but for some reason, the tire wouldn’t come off. I had already canceled the service request when he showed up, so I called for roadside assistance again.

Along came gentleman citizen No. 2: This man was walking, and I am sorry I did not get his name, but he tried to get the tire off as well (to no avail). He told me why it might not be coming off and suggested that I go to Big O Tires and ask for help. He walked with me there and went on his way. I went inside.

Along came gentleman citizen No. 3: Dennis at Big O Tires was warm and welcoming. I told him of my plight. He smiled, got a hammer and walked back to the car with me. Finally, the third time was a charm, and he was able to get the tire changed. Although he offered to repair the flat, it turned out the best action was to buy four new tires. So I did, later that day.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank these gentlemen for stepping up when nobody else seemed to care or wanted to be bothered. Each one of you should take pride in being delightful human beings. I am pleased to have been fortunate enough to have encountered all of you in one brief time period.

Much gratitude to you all and best wishes.

Maureen B. Red Elk lives in Santa Fe.

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