Cris Carter on Adrian Peterson: ‘At the end, we all smelled like a baby’s diaper’

August 30, 2018

When Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter joined the Miami Dolphins in 2002, the then 37-year-old caught just eight passes for 66 yards in five games.

“I had no businessplaying that season,” Carter told USA Today.

Apparently, Carter feels the same applies to Washington Redskins running back Adrian Peterson, whose stats have declined considerably over the last two seasons.

“These guys get so sensitive about everything,” Carter said. “Adrian had better get over himself. We were all great. But at the end, we all smelled like a babys diaper.”

In addressing his critics last week, Peterson said there some people who just don’t know football. He didn’t mention Carter by name, but seemingly alluded to him.

“I know there are a lot of athletes out there that are commentators now and they have so much to say,” Peterson said. “Well maybe when they were 33, they didn’t feel like they had it or they couldnt do it.”

Peterson told USA Today the comments by Carter and analyst Shannon Sharpe who also doubts the running back can return to form bothered him and that he’s out to prove them wrong.

“Watching some of the things they said about me, man, it really hurt me to the core,” Peterson said. “Not only are they black men, but these are people I looked up to. And these are people that made mistakes, especially Cris Carter. So some of the things that came out of his mouth, not only personally, but about me as a player aw, hes washed up and this, that and the other, and he should just retire how dare you.

“Then Shannon Sharpe, the same thing. He said some things and Im just like, Wow, I cant believe that would come out of your mouth. I understand that people are entitled to their opinions. Thats the way of the world. But they are in a position where millions of people are watching them.”

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