Flathead County Science Fair results

March 2, 2019

Third Grade

Biological Science

Grand Champion: Jacob Linden, Hedges Elementary, “It’ll Grow On You: Microbiomes, Skin, and Eczema”

Reserve: Colton Howard, Edgerton Elementary, “Dog-Gone Rainbow”

Physical Science

Grand Champions: Ella Robbins, Glacier Gateway, “Building the Tallest Tower”; Cheyenne Heino, St. Matthew’s, “Slimetastic”; Evelynne Dorr, Glacier Gateway, “Is there a cheaper way to heat your livestock tank?”

Reserve: Maxwell Jones/Brett Christiana, Kalispell Montessori, “Snow vs. Ice”; Max Young, Kalispell Montessori, “Sweet, Sweet Water”; Jolie Pitts, Bigfork Elementary, “A Sticky Situation”


Grand Champions: Kale Schaeffer, Glacier Gateway, “Hydro-electricity”; Neve Travis, Edgerton, “What is a Glacier and How are they Formed?”

Reserve: Carrington Pitts, Edgerton, “Power of Magnets”; Trevin Jensen, Glacier Gateway, “What are the differences between a frog and a toad?”

Fourth Grade

Biological Science

Grand Champion: Tatiana Raymond, Deer Park, “Eggs in the incubator”

Reserve: Abigail Chambers, St. Matthew’s, “Yeast”

Physical Science

Grand Champions: Yris Hadziomerovic, Stillwater Christian, “The Effects of Acid Rain on Rocks”; Freya Grimm, Kalispell Montessori, “Amazing Growing Gummy Bears”; Hana Houston, Kalispell Montessori, “Rotten Rivals”

Reserve: Hailey Littlefield, Glacier Gateway, “How to blow up a balloon with carbon dioxide”; Sarah Loran, Hedges Elementary, “Effect of Changes in Atmospheric Pressure on Weather”; Arrol Oxford, Homeschool, “Earth’s Dense Layers”; Elizabeth Beisel, Edgerton, “Investigating Ohm’s Law”


Grand Champion: Teigan LaTray, Glacier Gateway, “Fire Behavior”

Reserve: Kensington Sundberg, Glacier Gateway, “How Does the Human Eye Work?”; Weston Heller, Homeschool, “Houseplant Aquaponics”

Fifth Grade

Biological Science

Grand Champions: Ione Plummer, Bigfork, “Hypothermia”; Findley Dezzani, Glacier Gateway, “Apples vs. Oranges”; Oscar Metallo, Glacier Gateway, “How Much Vitamin C?”; Kira Shanks, Glacier Gateway, “Instrumental vs. Lyrics”

Reserve: Fenton Liebe Cohen, Hedges, “Rubber Hand”; Devon Hammond, Stillwater Christian, “Human or Dog, Whose Mouth is Cleaner?” Silas Young, Hedges, “Epson Salts, Hoax or Not”; Amanda Leonard, Bigfork, “Don’t Spill”

Physical Science

Grand Champions: Gracie Johnson, Bigfork, “Just Say No To Stains”; Emma Anderson, Stillwater Christian, “Ready, Set, Bubble”; Thomas Bertram, Hedges, “Liquids’ Effects on Rust”; Zane Fitzwater, Edgerton, “Solar Power Hour”; Jonah Wynne, Stillwater Christian, “Getting Dizzy with Angular Momentum”; Sasha Jepson, Stillwater Christian, “Stretchy Slime”; Arwynn Steele, Stillwater Christian, “Rocketry from the Kitchen”; Zachary Flink, Bigfork, “Eggsperiment”

Reserve: Kyle Smith, Cayuse Prairie, “Magnetic Levitation”; Fletcher Pittard, Stillwater Christian, “Hard Working Hearts”; Micheal Furshong, Bigfork, “How Does the Shape and Size of a Seawall Affect a Tsunami?”; Aubrey Smith, Glacier Gateway, “Fun with Frequencies”; Marley Raymond, Elrod Elementary, “Electricity” Brynn Bagley, Bigfork, “Keeping Your Water Cold”

Sixth Grade

Biological Science

Grand Champions: Charlotte Sunde, Helena Flats Elementary, “Testing For Taste”; Aiden Skees, Cayuse Prairie, “Would You Really Eat Off That?!”; Boone Shanks, C. Falls Junior High, “A Study in Visual Perception”

Reserve: Connor Howard, Kalispell Middle School, “Myth Busters - The 5 Second Rule”; Eli Howard, Somers Middle School, “What Type of Ziploc Bag Keeps Mold Out the Best?”

Physical Science

Grand Champions: Elizabeth Christiansen, Kalispell Montessori, “Sugar and Spice”; Gianna Reiner, St. Matthew’s, “The Invincible Bubble”; Addy Bowler, C. Falls Junior High, “Just Drop It!”; Jada Stevens, Helena Flats, “Are You Drinking Pool Water?”; Mark Ahner, St.Matthew’s, “Expansion CM”

Reserve: Dalyn Mathison, Helena Flats, “Flour’s Effect On Bread”; Christopher Carlin, Deer Park, “Eggcellent Glow”; Maddie Nickel, Cayuse Prairie, “Bleach Power”; Patrick Heidtman, St. Matthew’s, “Ice CCCCold”; Liv Nielsen, Cayuse Prairie, “Just Plane Fun”

Seventh Grade

Biological Science

Grand Champions: Dyson Linden, Kalispell Middle School, “In the Pits: Is My Peach Tree Sterile?”; Julia Hagemeier, Trinity Lutheran, “What Was That Again?

Reserve: Lauren Welch, St. Matthew’s, “Jackson vs. Beethoven”; Belle Schwartz and Laynee Vessar, Trinity Lutheran, “Does Clearer Mean Purer?”

Physical Science

Grand Champion: Keanu Ng, Kalispell Middle School, “Are We Eating and Drinking Our Own Laundry? Investigating Microfiber Pollution Released from Fleece During Domestic Laundering”; Renae Brouseau, Trinity Lutheran, “Let’s Survive a 6.5″; Katy Bitney and Rylee Glimm, Trinity Lutheran, “Piano Pizzazz”; Rebecca Vosen, St. Matthew’s, “Got Hot Hands?”

Reserve: Isaac Ritter and Neil Holste, Trinity Lutheran, “Grass vs. Turf”; Nick Stolte, Trinity Lutheran “How Loud Is That?”; Alexis Gladeau, Deer Park, “Battle of the Liquids”

Eighth Grade

Biological Science

Grand Champion: Lane McKoy, Somers Middle School, “Do different songs affect people’s heart rate?”; Audrey Metzler, Somers Middle School, “How do different types of gray water affect the growth of plants?”; Isabella Parrott, Somers Middle School, “How do chemically created fragrances affect the brain?”; James Moody, Somers Middle School, “Will different amounts of radiation affect the germination and growth of plants?”

Reserve: Paeden Matson, Trinity Lutheran, “Aquatic Effects,”; Gabe Reddish, Somers Middle School, “Does the Hawthorne effect remain true when a person is observed with cameras, rather than in person?”; Brandon Lewis, Trinity Lutheran, “Burning Bright”; Sarah Windham and Fiona Coulter, St. Matthew’s, “Fear Factor”

Physical Science

Grand Champions: Chandler Noland-Gillespie, Somers Middle School, “What material best blocks radioactive particles?”; Seth Wantaja, Somers Middle School, “How flammable is our clothing?”; Bethany Nairn, Somers Middle School, “What type of candle wax burns the fastest?”

Reserve: Jack Christianson, Somers Middle School, “What type of fishing line will hold the most weight?; Aubrey Montano, Trinity Lutheran, “Stubborn Stains”; Logan Shiffman, Somers Middle School, “Do different types of potato chips have different amounts of fat?”


Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Grand Champions: Zoe Wendt, Kalispell Middle School, “Nanotechnology, The Future Of Medicine”; Jackson Heino, St. Matthew’s, “Precise Pitching”

Reserve: Lotus Helland, C. Falls Jr. High, “The Magic of Bone Conduction”; Quentin Senner, Trinity Lutheran, “Start Your Engine”

High School (combined)

Grand Champion: Laney Conger, C. Falls Jr. High, “The Effects of a Polystyrene or Microplastic Diet on the Lifespan of Yellow Mealworms”

Reserve: Derrick Neater and Alla Kigilyuk, Flathead High School, “The Effect of Heat on Grip Strength”

Special Awards

Best Energy-related Projects (sponsored by the Electrical Contractors’ Union)

• Evelynne Dorr, “Is there a Cheaper Way to Heat Your Livestock Tank?”

• Kale Schaffer, “Hydro-Electricity”

• Zane Fitzwater, “Solar Power Hour”

Best Engineering Project (sponsored by Flathead Electric)

• Zoe Wendt, “Nanotechnology, The Future Of Medicine”

Big Creek Environmental Science Awards (sponsored by Glacier Institute)

• Colton Howard, “Dog-Gone Rainbow”

• Laney Conger, “The Effects of a Polystyrene or Microplastic Diet on the Lifespan of Yellow Mealworms”

A Day at the Station (sponsored by Flathead Lake Biological Station)

• Amanda Leonard, “Don’t Spill”

• Thomas Bertram, “Liquids’ Effects on Rust”

• Belle Schwatrz and Laynee Vessar, “Does Clearer Mean Purer?”

• Keanu Ng, “Are We Eating and Drinking Our Own Laundry? Investigating Microfiber Pollution Released from Fleece During Domestic Laundering”

Kid’s College Award (sponsored by FVCC)

• Silas Young, “Epsom Salts: Hoax or Not?”