No contaminants found in Millvale water supply, boil-and-flush advisory lifted

September 18, 2018

A precautionary flush-and-boil water advisory issued on Thursday for Millvale borough has been lifted, according to the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority.

Two rounds of water quality testing, which are required when an advisory is issued, did not show any evidence of contamination and confirmed that adequate levels of disinfectant were present in the tap water.

Residents who have not turned on spigots during the past several days are advised let water run for at least one minute before using it for cooking or drinking to help remove stagnant water from plumbing and draw fresh water in from the system.

The precautionary advisory was issued for about 700 homes in Millvale after water line repairs along Evergreen Street caused low or no water pressure on multiple streets.

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