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Duesseldorf Synagogue Firebombed

October 3, 2000

DUESSELDORF, Germany (AP) _ Unknown assailants firebombed a synagogue in the western industrial city of Duesseldorf on the eve of the 10th anniversary of Germany’s reunification, police said Tuesday.

The assailants threw up to three Molotov cocktails through the glass of the synagogue’s main door late Monday, police said. No one was injured and damage was minimal.

A neighbor saw the flames and notified police just before midnight.

No suspects were in custody. Police did not rule out a right-wing motive.

Authorities still haven’t solved a bombing at a train station in Duesseldorf this summer that injured 10 recent immigrants to Germany, six of them Jewish. The incident sparked an intense national debate this summer on the rise in right-wing violence that led to at least three deaths.

German officials, including Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and President Johannes Rau, were gathered Tuesday in the eastern city of Dresden for national celebrations for the 10th anniversary of the reunification of communist East Germany with capitalist West Germany.

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