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Santa Cruz Discourages Donations By Gulf Veterans

October 26, 1994

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (AP) _ The Santa Cruz city council passed a resolution urging a ban on blood and tissue donations by Gulf War veterans until doctors investigate the vets’ theories about virus or bacteria.

The measure adopted Tuesday has no force beyond the statement it makes, but council members hoped it would support claims by some veterans that they returned home with mysterious diseases.

″It will put a little pressure on the medical community to say it’s not all post-traumatic stress,″ said Dean Lundholm, president of the California Association of Persian Gulf Veterans. ″Something’s going on. It needs to be looked at.″

American Red Cross officials said their screening and that of government agencies would catch any contagion.

About 20,000 veterans have reported rashes, chronic fatigue, joint pain, internal ailments and other symptoms they blame on their Gulf War service.

The military says it cannot find any common cause for the Gulf War syndrome, making it difficult for veterans to receive compensation.

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