Highlights from the report sent to Congress by Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr:

D. The President refused six invitations to testify to the grand jury, thereby delaying expeditious resolution of this matter, and then refused to answer relevant questions before the grand jury when he testified in August 1998.

... At the outset of his grand jury appearance, the President ... stated: ``I will answer each question as accurately and fully as I can.'' The President then read a prepared statement in which he admitted ``inappropriate intimate contact'' with Ms. Lewinsky. Despite his statement that he would answer each question, the President refused to answer specific questions about that contact (other than to indicate that it was not intercourse and did not involve the direct touching of Ms. Lewinsky's breasts or genitals).

E. The President misled the American people and the Congress in his public statement on August 17, 1998, when he stated that his answers at his civil deposition in January had been ``legally accurate.'' ... The President's statements in his civil deposition were not ``legally accurate,'' and he could not reasonably have thought they were. ...

F. Summary

In this case, the President made and caused to be made false statements to the American people about his relationship with Ms. Lewinsky. He also made false statements about whether he had lied under oath or otherwise obstructed justice in his civil case. ... The President also effectively delayed a possible congressional inquiry, and then he further delayed it by asserting Executive Privilege and refusing to testify for six months during the Independent Counsel investigation. This represents substantial and credible information that may constitute grounds for an impeachment.


This Referral is respectfully submitted on the Ninth day of September, 1998.

Kenneth W. Starr

Independent Counsel