Abuse Inflicted On God’s Children

September 8, 2018

Editor: I have been reading of the priest scandal. I attended a school in a parish just south of Wilkes-Barre with one of the accused priests. I had my hands full of a different type of constant physical abuse by the nuns. The abuse mentally and physically was unbearable and I was at a loss on how to discuss such abuse by those of such a higher level of spirituality and community position. I finally stopped going to school in the first few months of the seventh grade and was expelled. My parents tried to get me into other Catholic schools but a single phone call to the school I had attended put an immediate stop to any possible attendance at those schools. I was expelled in November 1965 and stayed home until the fall of 1966 when I registered for public school. The Lord was with me perhaps on that day and perhaps provided a sort of revenge as the new principal forgot his glasses the day of registration and instead of repeating the seventh grade, he promoted me to the eighth grade. The words “did not pass” were unclear to him but the best revenge is what happened next. From day one I was the highest academic-scoring student in the public school and graduated valedictorian. The priest scandal has brought to the surface the tears and pain I endured at the hands of the sisters I had at that school. The exception was the fourth grade, where I had a non-sister teacher. When the dust settles on the priest scandal, I will be first in line to announce the intimidation and abuse both mentally and physically that all segments of the religious order were responsible in creating and the damage they inflicted on students, God’s children. John Moran BRADFORD, MASS.

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