Our View: You’re only as old as the spring break you feel

March 9, 2019

Spring break offers a chance to shake off the winter doldrums and Lake Havasu City in March is the prime time and the prime place to take advantage of it.

The city’s popularity as a spring break mecca for college students ebbs and flows with the economy and the mood of students. Regardless, there are always enough to notice the difference and to drop the age demographics a bit.

With the older winter visitor crowd still around, the area offers a very interesting melting pot of ages. This means a good mix of ways to pass an idyllic winter’s day and evening. Most interesting of all, perhaps, is that the ages may be different physically and numerically but they are not so different in the ways they seek recreation and fun.

The students may appear to party a little harder. It’s not just age. Students have a short break. Older people, mostly retired, can pace themselves. They have the whole winter for break.

Lake Havasu City has always attracted visitors who like to make their own fun. The tools are right there: A beautiful lake, an inviting desert and a city with enough amenities to agreeably shop, slake a thirst or feed a hunger.

Long before and long after student breakers leave, the lake will be alive with anglers and power boaters and kayaks. The walking trails will be busy. And the bike lanes will be filled.

Sure, older people can learn a lot and gain a burst of energy from the younger crowd. It works the other way, too, and especially in Lake Havasu City. It’s not a place known for sitting on the sidelines; it’s a place that demands and gets a lot of engagement in order to show off its best parts.

For a lot of winter visitors, Lake Havasu City is part of an ongoing adventure, a continuing travel experience that takes them from one intriguing area to another, often year-round.

It’s tempting to say that visitors to this area know why they’re coming here and rocking on the porch isn’t the prime attraction. It may be more accurate to say that many retirees are younger than in days past and still have long bucket lists. Spring break? Winter escape? By whatever name, it’s an invitation to enjoy the best of the Arizona season, age-appropriateness optional.

— Today’s News-Herald