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Police use stun gun, arrest 4 in nail salon brawl

August 2, 2013

LAYTON, Utah (AP) — Police had to use a stun gun to calm a fight at a U.S. nail salon that ended with four people arrested.

The fight started after two state licensing investigators arrived for an inspection Thursday. Three salon employees shoved and pushed the investigators, trying to force them out, said Police Lt. Shawn Horton.

A police officer eventually used his stun gun to subdue the workers.

Horton said the brawl left one officer and two workers with minor injuries.

Four people — Charlie Ngo, 45, Calvin Ngo, 47, Lien Ngo, 39, and Vo Ngo, 41 — were arrested for various charges of assault, obstruction of justice, disorderly conduct and other counts.

Another salon worker was cited for doing nails without a license.

Calls to a telephone number listed for the salon were not answered Friday.

Horton said he can’t recall police ever being called during a licensing investigation.

“Thank god it’s not something that normally happens,” he said.

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