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Six Students Arrested During Sit-In Demonstration In School Hallway

February 22, 1986

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (AP) _ Six students were arrested during a sit-in at a junior high school in an effort to force a discussion with administrators over school locker policy, officials said.

Five of the six ninth-graders at Olson Junior High School were charged with disorderly conduct; one was charged with rioting. All were later released.

Police officers went to the school Friday morning when administrators determined that they and teachers could not get the nearly 400 ninth-graders to go to class.

″There was no riot until the police came and started chasing us,″ the Minneapolis Star and Tribune quoted an unidentified student as saying. ″We wanted no violence; we just wanted to get our point across.″

Students in a speech class Wednesday talked about a sit-in to bring their concerns about locker policy to the attention of officials, said Tim Dahlen, a student in the class.

Friday’s demonstration was not organized; ″everybody just passed it around for two days,″ he said.

After the arrests, Randall said, administrators reached a temporary agreement on the locker rules in a meeting with another group of students. School officials will continue searches of lockers, which the students had objected to, but will end the ban on sharing lockers, another disputed rule.

The students sat down in the halls on the way to their first-hour classes.

Randall said the students were not unruly when the police arrived, but they would not move. He said he was unsure what the six students who were arrested did that led to their arrest.

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