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May 14, 2018


LIVINGSTON, Mont. (AP) — Margot Kidder, who starred as Lois Lane opposite Christopher Reeve in the “Superman” film franchise of the late 1970s and early 1980s, has died. Franzen-Davis Funeral Home in Livingston, Montana, posted a notice on its website saying Kidder died Sunday at her home there. She was 69. “Superman” was a superhero blockbuster two decades before comic book movies became the norm at the top of the box office. Both Kidder and Reeve, who played Superman, were relative unknowns when they got their leading parts, and neither saw many major roles afterward. Reeve died in 2004. The Canadian-born Kidder also appeared in 1975′s “The Great Waldo Pepper” with Robert Redford and 1978′s “The Amityville Horror.”


CANNES, France (AP) — It hasn’t quite been a year since Hollywood was shaken by the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal. But one actress says she can already see the scandal has changed things for the better. Salma Hayek says her production company has already sold four TV shows about women this year. And she says she “can’t find enough female writers and directors” for projects. At the same time, Hayek says there is still more to be done, especially when it comes to equal pay. She spoke at a forum in Cannes, France yesterday — which came the day after a protest by 82 Hollywood women at the Cannes Film Festival.



010190-w-373:92-(AP Entertainment Editor Oscar Wells Gabriel, with actress Salma Hayek)-“I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”-Women protest, speak of progress at Cannes Fest (14 May 2018)

<<CUT *010190 (05/14/18)££ 373:92 “I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”

010189-a-143:52-(Salma Hayek, actress, in AP interview)-“here in Cannes”-Women protest, speak of progress at Cannes Fest (14 May 2018)

<<CUT *010189 (05/14/18)££ 143:52 “here in Cannes”

010188-a-81:84-(Salma Hayek, actress, in AP interview)-“was very moving”-Women protest, speak of progress at Cannes Fest (14 May 2018)

<<CUT *010188 (05/14/18)££ 81:84 “was very moving”

010187-a-168:24-(Salma Hayek, actress, in AP interview)-“like a revolution”-Women protest, speak of progress at Cannes Fest (14 May 2018)

<<CUT *010187 (05/14/18)££ 168:24 “like a revolution”


CANNES, France (AP) — Even though he has been accused by a number of women of sexual improprieties, disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has issued public denials about relatively few of his accusers. One was Salma Hayek, the other Lupita Nyong’o. Hayek says she has a pretty good idea why their accounts are among the only ones being challenged. Hayek says that’s a decision by Weinstein’s lawyers — because she and Nyong’o are women of color. She says as non-whites, she and Nyong’o they “are the easiest to get discredited” because of inherited prejudices against people of color. Meanwhile, Hayek says the Weinstein scandal has men in Hollywood “terrified” — and that “predators are hiding.” At the same time, she says the #MeToo movement is a great time for men to “rethink what it means to be a man.”



010191-v-310:08-(AP Entertainment Editor Oscar Wells Gabriel)-“I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”-Women protest, speak of progress at Cannes Fest (14 May 2018)

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010192-c-83:76-(AP Entertainment Editor Oscar Wells Gabriel)-“be a man”-Women protest, speak of progress at Cannes Fest (14 May 2018)

<<CUT *010192 (05/14/18)££ 83:76 “be a man”


CANNES, France (AP) — Is it possible that women became so complacent that the Hollywood sexual misconduct scandal caught many unawares? Patty Jenkins says that might be the case. The “Wonder Woman” director says it’s possible gains made in previous generations could have left some complacent, thinking that many problems had disappeared. But she notes the Harvey Weinstein scandal may have opened eyes that might not have been alert to problems. Jenkins was one of 82 Hollywood women who staged a protest at the Cannes Film Festival this past Saturday. And she says women will have to remain vigilant to make sure any future gains aren’t eroded.



010186-a-106:56-(Patty Jenkins, director in AP interview)-“this whole time?”-Women protest, speak of progress at Cannes Fest (14 May 2018)

<<CUT *010186 (05/14/18)££ 106:56 “this whole time?”

010185-a-138:48-(Patty Jenkins, director, in AP interview)-“future, very powerful”-Women protest, speak of progress at Cannes Fest (14 May 2018)

<<CUT *010185 (05/14/18)££ 138:48 “future, very powerful”


LOS ANGELES (AP) — It’s one of the mothers of all movies. And because of that, “Avengers: Infinity War” was able to make short work this weekend out of a couple of movies about mothers. The superhero hit took in another $61.8 million over the weekend, bringing its total domestic earnings to just over a half billion dollars. Finishing second in the weekend box office race were two mother-themed movies. Melissa McCarthy’s “Life of the Party” placed second, while the Gabrielle Union movie “Breaking In” finished third.



010153-w-454:32-(Ben Thomas, AP correspondent)-“I’m Ben Thomas”-‘Avengers’ overpowers ‘Breaking In,’ ‘Life of the Party’ (13 May 2018)

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010147-r-210:72-(Sound of trailer for the movie “Avengers: Infinity War.”)-“music”-‘Avengers’ overpowers ‘Breaking In,’ ‘Life of the Party’ (13 May 2018)

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010148-r-166:08-(Sound of trailer for the movie “Life of the Party”)-“the wild thing (music)”-‘Avengers’ overpowers ‘Breaking In,’ ‘Life of the Party’ (13 May 2018)

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010149-r-99:60-(Sound of trailer for the movie “Breaking In.”)-“music”-‘Avengers’ overpowers ‘Breaking In,’ ‘Life of the Party’ (13 May 2018)

<<CUT *010149 (05/13/18)££ 99:60 “music”


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Even as it keeps socking away money from its domestic box office total, “Avengers: Infinity War” continues to march up the all-time list of hit movies globally. The movie made its debut in China this past weekend — and took in $200 million there alone. Globally, the Avengers movie has grossed more than $1.6 billion, making it the fifth highest earning film of all time.



010147-r-210:72-(Sound of trailer for the movie “Avengers: Infinity War.”)-“music”-‘Avengers’ overpowers ‘Breaking In,’ ‘Life of the Party’ (13 May 2018)

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GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP) — For close to two decades now, there have been innuendos and whispers about R. Kelly’s dealings with women, particularly those much younger than he is. But so far, those claims have been drowned out by the cheers of his fans. That was evident this past Friday when he performed in Greensboro, North Carolina. There were calls for the show to be banned — but concert promoters ignored them. And inside, a defiant Kelly said he wouldn’t be run off the stage. He asked the audience if he could “do my show” — and when the crowd roared, he did. The show featured Kelly mentioning God in one breath, then spitting out suggestive lyrics in the next. At one point, he rubbed a fan’s cellphone between his legs. And he got another audience member to wipe his face, tongue and crotch with a towel.


UNDATED (AP) — Music streaming services are trying to figure out how to take a stand against the kind of stuff that R. Kelly has been accused of doing — while not censoring his music. So far, they have found a way to thread the needle. Apple Music and Spotify say they’ll no longer post Kelly’s songs as recommendations or as part of playlists. But R. Kelly’s music is still there. Meanwhile Pandora hasn’t said how it will treat Kelly’s music. However, it says it won’t promote those who have what it calls “certain demonstrable...issues.”


MOBILE, Ala. (AP) — It often happens when a famous person dies of a drug overdose: prosecutors bring a case against someone who prescribed the drugs. That’s what’s happening in Alabama, where a doctor faces charges of prescribing the drugs that killed Matthew Roberts, former guitarist for 3 Doors Down. Dr. Richard Snellgrove is charged with illegally prescribing drugs — and helping defraud insurance companies. But lawyers for the doctor say it’s Snellgrove who’s the victim. They say he’s being put on trial because Roberts was famous — and it isn’t the doctor’s fault the musician was hooked. Snellgrove faces up to 240 years in prison and up to $2.8 million in fines if convicted. Opening statements were Friday; the trial is expected to take two weeks or more.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson will be coaches on the next season of “The Voice.” They will join the show’s longtime coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton on the NBC show that starts in the fall.


NEW YORK (AP) — An injury to actor Jim Parsons has forced the cancellation of a performance of the Broadway revival of “The Boys in the Band.” People who watched Saturday’s matinee indicated on Twitter that Parsons tripped during the curtain call and limped off while other cast members took their bows. The show’s Twitter account says Saturday night’s show was canceled because of “a minor injury” to a cast member. No immediate response from Parsons’ rep to a request for comment on the situation.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Taraji P. Henson got more than a card on Mother’s Day. The 47-year-old “Empire” actress got engaged to former Super Bowl star Kelvin Hayden. Henson posted a photo on Instagram showing off her diamond ring. She says the day started with a Cartier love bracelet before the 34-year-old corner back dropped to his knee. She wrote, “I said yes y’all!” Henson has a 24-year-old son from a previous relationship. Hayden intercepted a pass for a 56-yard touchdown when the Indianapolis Colts beat the Chicago Bears 29-17 during the Super Bowl played in 2007. He also played for Atlanta and finished his NFL career with the Bears in 2014.


Fox to add Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’ to fall lineup

NEW YORK (AP) — Fox is bringing “Last Man Standing” to its fall lineup, a year after ABC dropped the Tim Allen comedy. But Fox is doing as much subtraction as addition for the upcoming TV season. The network said Monday it has canceled five shows, including “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” — the police comedy that was promptly picked up by rival NBC. The other Fox shows that got the ax include “The Last Man on Earth,” ″The Mick,” ″Lucifer” and “The Exorcist.” The network is adding five new shows including “The Cool Kids,” a comedy about a group of friends in a retirement community. The stars include David Alan Grier and Vicki Lawrence. Fox and other broadcasters are presenting their 2018-19 schedules to advertisers in New York this week.


LONDON (AP) — It’s a weather forecast that’s sure to please Goldilocks. Not too cold, not too hot — just right. The forecast in question — is for Saturday’s wedding of Prince Harry to American actress Meghan Markle. The official British weather service says it will be sunny in Windsor, with highs in the mid-60s. The thousands of spectators expected to throng the area are advised to bring sunscreen.

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