Orchids and Onions: Sunday, November 18, 2018

November 18, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions on the lack of decent women in this town for a good-looking guy to date. Since moving here 2 years ago, I’ve courted most all the single ones including a few married. If the situation doesn’t improve I’ll be moving back to Vegas!

Orchids to the great work that the firefighters are doing! Also for busting the myth about the actual reason forest fires spread.

Onions to the “confederate group” wanting to march in Kingman. If the writer “values history,” then he should remember that the only confederate flag that really mattered was the white flag of surrender!

Orchids to those that fact-check their views before sharing...

Onions to the grocery store deli girl that was licking her fingers while she was dishing my coleslaw up. Your fingers went straight down into my bowl. Doesn’t anyone wear gloves anymore? I had to throw it away when I got home.

Orchids to Dr. Prater’s wife and children for sharing him with all of us. Over the years he has helped so many of us in this community, and it couldn’t have been easy.

Orchids to EverClear Pool Service’s Don and his crew. Always looking for new and better ways to provide high quality service at a fair price. Thank you for always taking exceptional care of our investment.

Onions – chopped or grated – to the couple from whom we bought our home. You left it absolutely filthy and it took us days to clean it before we could put anything away. When you pay top dollar for a house you expect it to be clean. I won’t even go into the cockroach infestation. Disgusting.

Orchids to the Elks Vagabonds RV Club for donating over $4,000 to our veterans and other local charities. Elks care Elks share.

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