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German Tourist Gets Lost on the Way to San Jose

December 31, 1993

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) _ The next time someone asks Christina Landwehr, ″Do you know the way to San Jose?″ her answer might be ″Which one?″

Landwehr, a tourist from Germany, landed in San Jose on Sunday and told a taxi driver to take her to the Ritz, where her daughter had made a reservation.

It wasn’t until the next morning that she learned from a German-speaking hotel employee that she was in San Jose, Calif. - not San Jose, Costa Rica, where her daughter lives.

″It was at midnight. It was dark. It was raining. The taxi driver brought her to our hotel and that’s all. She assumed it was in Costa Rica,″ said Lina Broydo, spokeswoman for the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, Calif.

Apparently, a travel agent misbooked Landwehr’s flight, Broydo said.

The cabbie was no doubt confused when Landwehr asked for the Ritz, which has no hotel in the Silicon Valley capital. And hotel employees certainly were puzzled when Landwehr took out Costa Rican currency.

But she spoke no English, so everyone just made do.

After discovering the mixup, Fairmont employees called the Ritz in Costa Rica and learned that Landwehr’s daughter was waiting and worried about her mother’s whereabouts. An employee helped Landwehr book a flight to Costa Rica.

″She’ll have a fantastic story to tell,″ Broydo said.

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