Letters To The Editor 6/13/2018

June 13, 2018


Calamity in Gaza

feeds terrorism

Editor: To clear the obfuscation, the Gaza demonstrations by Palestinians are nonviolent protests in the tradition of Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King to end the injustice of the occupation and blockade that have wrecked the economy and infrastructure.

It has caused dire privation and could make Gaza, according to United Nations reports, uninhabitable by 2020. The protesters also seek the right of return to the homes from which their ancestors forcibly were expelled in 1948. Their plea was answered by Israeli sniper fire that has wounded thousands, leaving some with permanent disabilities and killing 119, including women, children, members of the press, and, most shamefully, paramedics and doctors in their white coats tending the wounded.

The response from the U.S. government and media could have been scripted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. New York Times columnists Bret Stephens and Thomas Friedman bleated their predicable apologetics for Israeli inerrancy. A Pulitzer Prize winner and full-time blowhard, Friedman has no more respect for the truth than he does for the English language, with his silly tropes and metaphors.

On another important level, the Palestinian situation is most critical because hundreds of millions of Arabs and 1.5 billion Muslims interpret the West’s treatment of the Palestinians as a reflection of a racist and colonialist attitude toward Arabs, Muslims and Third World people generally.

It produces anti-Western terrorism and a deep anger and distrust of the West and its motives. It is a cancer that bodes ill for the future of the human condition.




Many obtained

military deferments

Editor: Pat Warner’s opinion about President Trump’s deferments from the military draft (“Opposite of courage,” June 4) is absolutely right.

But looking beyond his alleged hate of our president would reveal that former Vice Presidents Joe Biden and Dick Cheney had deferments. President Bill Clinton had deferments and sent a letter to a Reserve Officers’ Training Corps official thanking him for “saving me from the draft” during the Vietnam War.

When I was called up for the Korean War from the 109th Infantry Regiment in Carbondale, we had a few who got out for some reason or another. Many found ways to stay out of the war in Korea. I was sent to the 5th Army to finish my enlistment at Camp Atterbury, Indiana.

I believe you are born to serve in some way, no matter what. Some make it and some give their lives for our freedom. I pray for Warner’s brother who was killed in Vietnam and many more who sacrificed their lives for us.

This president, to me, is doing a fantastic job and Democrats are praying for him to lose. They would rather have nukes over our heads than a peace treaty with North Korea. They had eight years to do something and what did we get?

I do not agree with everything Trump said or did. If you don’t like him election time is coming. Don’t let the good things be overcome by hate for everything he has done so far.




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