BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) _ A European Economic Community official said Friday trans-Atlantic talks on state subsidies to Airbus have made progress and are continuing on schedule, contrasting reports of a deadlock from Washington.

Francoise Bail, a spokeswoman for the EEC executive commission, agreed ''there are fundamental questions which still divide us,'' but rejected the suggestions that the negotiations are deadlocked.

She said the commission has not changed the plans for a meeting of experts in January to be followed by a decisive ministerial session, possibly in the following months. ''We are determined to continue to negotiate,'' she said.

Her remarks were made in response to reports from Washington that the talks over European subsidies for Airbus passenger jet aircraft have reached an impasse.

Unidentified senior U.S. government sources were quoted as saying that the differences between the United States and the four countries jointly funding Airbus are so great that further talks appear unwarranted.

Airbus Industrie, a consortium of aviation companies from France, West Germany, Britain and Spain, is being accused by the United States of unfair competition in the world market. The U.S. government maintains massive state subsidies allow Airbus to sell at uneconomically low prices, robbing Boeing Co. and McDonnell-Douglas Corp. of customers.

The EEC Commission, which is taking part in the talks along the four individual countries, maintains the U.S. aviation industry also is heavily subsidised through lucrative defense contracts.