Two arrested, allegedly stole tools from Habitat for Humanity site, Fitchburg police say

January 31, 2019

Two people were arrested late Wednesday night in Fitchburg, after they allegedly stole tools at a construction site for Habitat for Humanity.

Andrew Lambert, 30, Madison, and Alyssa Clayton, 25, Stoughton, were taken into custody when a Fitchburg officer made a traffic stop on their vehicle.

Both were tentatively charged with burglary and possession of burglary tools, and Clayton also is facing a possession of drug paraphernalia charge.

Police got a report of someone breaking into a Habitat for Humanity construction trailer near the intersection of Equity and Unity lanes, with an officer seeing a vehicle leaving the scene.

Police allegedly found over $1,000 in construction tools owned by Habitat for Humanity inside the suspects’ vehicle.

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